Happy Birthday!!!!!

Today is my aunts birthday. She passed away from breast cancer in August of this year. I will celebrate her life today by experiencing life. I have so many things planned with a friend of mine and my husband this weekend. On days such as these I can appreciate celebrating a life that was lived for Christ. I think about all the things I have experienced so far and it makes me ask a question. When it’s all said and done Have you lived a life for Christ? There is so much more that we have to do in life that isn’t self pleasing and self seeking. Are we maximizing the time that we have when so many people don’t have any time left?

At times we can get caught up in our every day routines and forget to live in the prospects of them all. We were created for more than just a nine to five. We were purposed for more than just doing whatever it takes to get by in life. This is why when people we view to have everything appear to be unhappy. How can someone who has a great job,home,family,cars and so much more be unhappy? This could possibly be because they’re living to obtain things that contains no life value. By putting our trust in things that change and people who can soon leave or die causes us to be unstable and emotional without hope. Living our life through Christ in the personalities that he has given is so much more rewarding. It feels good to celebrate someone who may have lost her fight to cancer but fought the good fight of  faith.



3 responses to “Happy Birthday!!!!!

  1. clayton paul

    I am sorry for your loss, Kay. In reading your post, I agree we are made for much more than “nine to five” existence. In fact, the work most of us do does little to define us in any really significant way. I like to think we are more than our jobs, possessions, etc.

    We have God given gifts which we are to use to help others to the glory of our Lord. Those are the things which define us, because they set examples for others to consider and to hopefully follow.

    Take care and have a super day.

    • Thank you so much Clayton. Once again, well stated. We are created for so much more. Which means we have much work to do. Thanks for stopping by!

      • clayton paul

        Yes we are created for so much more than most of us realize…we are more important and of greater value than we give ourselves credit for.

        We were created in the image of an everlasting God, with gifts to discover and distribute to others! This goes well beyond daily “obligations” such as work, school, soccer games, etc. These are important, but not the whole of who we are.

        Stay after improvement and dedication…these are important keys to our lives.

        Clayton 😉

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